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Spay/Neuter Assistance Programs for Pets Owned by the Public


Your SPCA Eastern Shore offers three programs to the public to assist with the cost of spaying or neutering your pet.  Below you will find information on these three programs.  The application is provided on this website for your convenience; you can print it, fill out all the information, and mail it along with your payment to guarantee a spot on the next available clinic day.  Unfortunately, we must receive payment (cash, check or credit card) and paperwork before confirming an appointment.

Virginia Beach SPCA has a mobile surgery unit, the Neuter Scooter, which they bring to the Shore two days each month, always on a Thursday and Friday.  They spay and neuter 22 pets on that day.  Drop off at the SPCA in Onley is 8:00 am, with pick-up times after surgery of 1:00 pm for dogs, and 2:30 pm for cats.  We are not able to board your pets overnight, so you have to make arrangements for your pet to be picked up on time, please. If you are late for pick-up there is an additional $50 late charge per pet for each half hour you are late.

After payment is received we MUST have a 7 day cancellation notice in order to give a free reschedule or a complete refund; if you do not show up on surgery day, you will not receive a free reschedule or refund.



As always, if you need more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at (757) 787-7385.





For very low income individuals or families, we offer assistance with the cost of spaying or neutering of pets, either cat or dog.  Without the assistance of Accomack County we would not be able to offer this program.  The difference in your cost and the cost of the surgery is again being paid for by funds provided by the county.

You will qualify for financial assistance if your household receives any of the following:  food stamps (EBT card), Medicaid, Section 8 Housing, Disability or WIC.  If you receive Social Security or have very low income you may qualify for this program.  We have to make a copy of the proof listed above;  for income qualification. we need to copy the recent year tax form.  You should use the “Financial Assistance” form.

Anyone qualifying for this program pays the fees listed below.

Cat  $36.00  (with proof of current rabies vaccine).  If you need a rabies vaccine, you need to pay and additional $10 to bring the total cost to $46.00 (Rabies vaccines are MANDATORY)

Dog  $46.00 (with proof of current rabies vaccine).  If you need a rabies vaccine, you need to pay an additional $10 to bring the total cost to $56.00 (Rabies vaccines are MANDATORY)



For everyone who does not fit in the categories listed above, you can use our normal low cost program.  Fees are listed below.

Cat (male or female) $71.00 with proof of current rabies vaccine.  If you need a rabies shot, please add $10.00, to bring the total to $81.00. (Rabies vaccines are MANDATORY)

Dog       male – $91.00 female $96.00 with proof of current rabies vaccine.  If you need a rabies shot, please add $10.00 to the charges.  (Rabies vaccines are MANDATORY)

If your cat is pregnant there will be an additional $20.00 fee on the day of the surgery.

If your dog is in heat (in season), there will be an additional $20.00 fee the day of the surgery; if pregnant the additional fee is $40.

If your dog is between 50-65 lbs., there will be an additional $20.00 fee on the day of surgery.

As an example of the charges listed above:  Your female dog weights 60 lbs., needs a rabies shot, and is in season.  You’ve already paid the SPCA $100.00 when you made the appointment.  You would be charged an additional $40.00 when you pick up your dog because it was over the weight limit, and it’s in season (Heat).





The Virginia Beach SPCA has reviewed their  spay/neuter policy on outdoor cats and they have made the decision to create an “Outdoor Cat Package” as a way to ensure that they  are properly treating outdoor cats in such a way that will not only decrease the outdoor cat population, but will also help ensure that they are healthy before being released.

Previously, all cats – regardless of if they are indoor, or feral cats – that were being seen for a spay/neuter were only required to receive a Rabies vaccine. The owner could then choose to add on an ear tipping, distemper vaccine and/or a combo test. If a combo test was performed and the cat tested positive for FIV and/or FeLV it was strongly suggested, but not mandatory, that the cat to be euthanized. This  is not the best practice of veterinary care, because by releasing an FIV, or FeLV positive cat we are not only subjecting that cat to suffering, but we are endangering all other cats that may come in contact with the infected cat. However, we understand that combo testing is expensive and it is difficult for many owners to afford more than just the price of surgery and a Rabies vaccine.

The new policy will be that all owners of outdoor/feral cats will be required to sign a VBSPCA release form for the “Outdoor Cat Spay/Neuter Package”. For the price of only the surgery and the Rabies vaccine, all cats scheduled for the package will also receive a combo test and an ear tip at no additional charge, however, if the cat tests positive for FIV, or FeLV it will be euthanized. In the event that the cat is euthanized, the owner will not be reimbursed for the cost of the surgery/vaccine, because VBSPCA still needs to cover the cost of the testing and euthanasia.

The cost to spay or neuter a feral/colony cat is $73 for males and $93 for females and cats whose gender is unknown.



If your pet has been spayed/neutered, you can purchase yearly vaccines, dewormers, flea prevention, microchip, etc. All patients seen during the vaccine clinic will be a charged a $10 physical exam fee. In order to purchase heartworm prevention, your pet must have been seen by a VBSPCA veterinarian in the past 12 months AND have a negative heartworm test on file. No appointment is required-just come to the SPCA when the Neuter Scooter is here, from 11 am to 12 noon. Cash is the only payment the Neuter Scooter accepts.

If your pet is unaltered and you desire vaccines there is an additional $12 unaltered fee.  For example, if you own an unaltered male dog and you desire a rabies vaccination you will pay a $12 unaltered fee, a $10 exam fee and a $10 rabies vaccination fee for a total of $32.  The Neuter Scooter will also do tests (heartworm and feline combo test) for unaltered animals but they will not sell preventative heartworm or flea medication.

We thank you for spaying or neutering your pet.  It is the one sure way we can all help lower the euthanasia rate on the Eastern Shore.  Every pet that is altered can never produce unwanted babies that may have to be put to sleep later because there are not enough home for the animals being born.



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